Each residential apartment that we choose to offer at Nasch Properties is hand-picked to ensure that each resident has a high quality of living that is safe, secured, convenient and comfortable. Each complex has its own security features to keep residents safe and there’s a mix of unique amenities that help each complex stand out. Some of our properties have access to patio and pool areas for outdoor relaxation and socializing, while others have access to gym areas that are free for residents to access. Apartments offered by Nasch Properties are all pet-friendly and come with assigned parking spaces to store your vehicle. Each property also offers on-site appliances to wash and dry your clothing so you don’t need to rely on local laundromats. Vinyl flooring, Air conditioning, and central heating also come as standard across all Nasch Properties apartments. Near each apartment, you’ll find excellent transport links, schools and shopping areas to provide you with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. To fit your personal needs, Nasch Properties offers a variety of one and two-bedroom apartments at each residential complex so that you can find the right home size for your needs. A housing manager also manages each All residential complexes have an on-site manager to ensure that repairs, maintenance concerns, and other needs are managed addressed quickly and swiftly. Regardless if it’s a blown light bulb or a pet-related question, each housing onsite manager is committed to offering you an excellent service no matter which apartment complex you stay at.